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No driving school can promise crash-free or citation-free driving; however, the better-trained a driver is the more likely the driver will drive crash-free and citation-free. Every driver has access to some FREE service and materials. See the FREE page of this web site for details.


“Most drivers,” as used in this column of information, means a driver of, at least, average IQ, one who is motivated to learn, speaks English as his/her first language, is accustomed to the driving patterns of America, has no learning disability, is willing to spend three to four hours of self study in preparation for each driving lesson beginning with lesson two and will memorize the following five words in consecutive order before the start of lesson one — “ahead, behind, mirror, shoulder, move.”


Every driver is offered the option of doing homework (self-study) which always decreases the amount of time required behind-the-wheel to reach his or her driving goal(s).   However, homework is an OPTION and not required. Homework is three to four hours of devoted study in preparation for each driving lesson.

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